3 Reasons Why Epoxy is a Great Candidate for School Flooring

July 13, 2022

Schools across the country are experiencing the benefits of placing epoxy on their school floors at a rapid pace! Its ability to create bold designs, cover up existing flooring, and withstand mass volumes of foot traffic is why architects and school boards alike are giving the nod to resinous floors for any school flooring.


Various styles and designs for specific areas of the school:

  •  School Hallway Flooring: Epoxy Flake Systems, Single Color Systems, Logos
  •  School Bathroom Flooring: Epoxy Flake Systems, Single Color Systems, Epoxy Cove base.
  •  Mechanical Rooms: Broadcast Epoxy systems with Grip additive.
  •  School Classrooms: Epoxy Flake Systems, Single Color Systems.
  •  Kitchen: Single Color Broadcast systems with Grip additive.


Epoxy is a seamless floor solution that stands up to daily foot traffic with ease and has fewer failure points than tile or VCT.

Low Cost of Ownership

Minimal maintenance, Lasts longer and performs better over time than grouted tile or synthetic flooring.

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