The Do’s and Don’t’s of Polished Concrete

November 30, 2020

Even with the maximum refinement and chemical additives, polished concrete is still a porous and breathable surface.  The addition of a penetrating sealer can be used to help avoid the staining of spills with a timely cleanup but if left for long periods it can and will permanently stain your concrete.

Areas we DO NOT recommend polished concrete:

  • Kitchens (will absorb grease, and be slippery once wet)
  • Food / Dairy processing plants (Chemicals will etch the concrete and food will grow bacteria in concrete pours.
  • Any situation requiring chemical clean ups or frequent chemical spills.
  • Any situation with frequent water spills.  (you are actually slipping on the water due to it not having a place to go, NOT the actual concrete being slippery)

For this reason we take great care into providing our customers with the knowledge base to learn the basic principles of cleaning and the do’s and don’ts of polished concrete to protect their investment for years to come.

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