Urethane Cement

Extreme conditions call for extreme solutions. Enter Urethane Cement, our go to solution for an extreme environment.

Unlike your standard epoxy coating systems, Urethane Cement (A.K.A. Polyurethane Concrete) can withstand the extreme environments of processing areas in any:

    • Dairy Plant
    • Meat Plant
    • Poultry Plant
    • Beverage Plant
    • Cannabis Production Plant
    • Commercial Kitchens
    • Restaurant Kitchens
    • Heavy Industrial Manufacturing
    • Chemical Processing Plant
    • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Production
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    Not sure if you have a situation classified as an “extreme environment”?

    Do you…… have a constant wet condition on the floor subject to spills without cleanup until the end of shift?

    Do you….. require  frequent Hot and Cold water washdown cycles to remove acids and grease off the floor?

    Do you….. need to use aggressive cleaning agents to remove debris on the floor?

    Do you…... have an environment prone to heavy impact and abrasion? 

    Do you…..  Experience any or all of the above weekly, daily, or hourly?

    Yes to any or all of the above would be classified as “Extreme”

      urethane cement

      System Selection

      Our systems are classified with a thickness and abuse guideline that allow us to custom tailor the system to YOUR needs based on YOUR use.  At CustomCrete, we take a tailored approach to your system selection by using consultative methods in our pre construction process ensuring we land on the correct system for ultimate durability and longevity for your facilities individual needs.

      While each of our Urethane Cement systems has its own specifications, all of our UC systems: 

      • Are available in 3 different performance grades (and price points)  based on facility needs.
      • Are available in thickness from ⅛” to ⅜” (higher build, higher durability)
      • Are able to apply on fresh poured green concrete within 7 days. (regular epoxy is 28 days)   
      • Seamless installation. (no cracks or joints to catch spillage)    
      • Are thermal shock resistant.
      • Feature Antimicrobial technology throughout the entire coating. (not just the topcoat like most systems)
      • Are suitable for use in USDA facilities. 
      • Safe for high heat temperature exposure of 180 to 250 degrees F based on the system.
      • Are anti-slip
      • Can incorporate a Cove base to completely contain the spill or cleaning solution.
      • Come in 8 different colors (most common are: Mid gray, Dark gray, and Red) 

      Ready to learn more about our Urethane Cement systems?  Click here to reach one of our representatives and schedule an onsite flooring consultation.  During this visit, we will do a deep dive into your challenges and desired outcomes as well as provide samples of the finishes we can provide.

      urethane cement
      urethane cement
      urethane cement

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