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    Commercial Floor Covering Support

    Testing & Elevation Surveys
    The first step in any successful floor covering project is to know where you are to begin with. Two key items need to be known before any floor covering is considered.

    1. What is the moisture level in the concrete slab
    2. What are the existing elevations and elevation changes of the slab.

    We offer services to help with both. We offer moisture testing per ASTM standards to determine the level of moisture in your slab. In addition we offer elevation surveys to determine where the existing floor elevations are. Both of these services are important because once you know where you are at, we can help you get to where you need to be.

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    Moisture Mitigation
    Even after slabs have cured there can still be moisture vapor present within them. Most commercial floor covering needs RH readings of 85% or below to install and warrant the floor covering. The extreme fast pace construction schedules of today also causes flooring installations to be performed before full moisture is released from the new or existing concrete slab. When RH readings are not within specifications the solution is to install a moisture mitigation system.

    The first step is to mechanically prepare the concrete floor slab to a CSP 3 per ICRI guidelines. Next step is to install a 2 part 100% RH moisture mitigation system including pre-treatment of cracks . This system can be applied after 7 days of slab cure thus expediting construction schedules. Many commercial floor glues require 1/8”-3/16” minimum concrete to bond to. In these cases the final step of the system is to prime the moisture mitigation with a non-porous primer and then install typical 3/16” nominal self-leveling underlayment. The requirement of depth of leveler is driven by the floor covering glue specification. At this time additional depth of leveler can also be installed to meet specific tolerances or height requirements.

    All of our equipment is dustless attached to Hepa Filter vacuums and meets current OSHA silica standards.

    Many floors are not poured to the tight specifications of commercial floor covering. In many cases 1/8” in 10’ is the tolerance required to install floor covering. The solution is to install self-leveling cementitious underlayment. We can take any slab from existing condition to final desired tolerance. The first step is to mechanically prepare the slab to a CSP 3 per ICRI guidelines. A primer is then installed to the concrete. Pins are then set to desired height of final leveling. Self-leveling is then poured to meet the pins. All of our equipment is dustless attached to Hepa Filter vacuums and meets current OSHA silica standards.

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    Client Testimonials

    "Tom came in and transformed our factory floor into a nice, clean work area. We have 80k square foot floor that had been painted several times and looked very abused. It was becoming difficult to keep clean and looking nice. Tom came in, pulled up all the paint, and brought the floor back to its original state. It now shines and is easy to maintain. This was a major project and we were very pleased with the outcome. I recommend Custom Crete for any manufacturing floor project."
    James P.
    "We used them on a commercial project and I would recommend using Connor and his team. Professional, responsive, quality work and excellent customer service. The client was extremely happy with the results and how the team came back to clean up an area that had some residue left over. Overall, if you need concrete polishing or epoxy, give them a call!"
    Brett M.
    "Used CustomCrete for a urethane cement flooring application (Carbocrete HF) in a harsh manufacturing setting where all prior epoxy/concrete flooring either popped off due to heat/moisture or was eaten through by our corrosive product. The team was easy to work with and very responsive to changes in scope as well as working around other vendors during a plant turnaround. Had a few warranty items come up due to the tight install schedule and the team was back out within 2 weeks to make the repairs no questions asked."
    Jack B.
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