Restaurant & Food Service

In restaurants and food service, there are different necessary requirements when it comes to a flooring solution. Front of house areas require a certain level of aesthetics that can be achieved by some of our more decorative options. However, this still leaves an easy maintenance solution as opposed to bare concrete or floating flooring.

Back of house areas need to be more tough and resilient. Urethane cement is the best option for hot wash-downs, high traffic, and storage. Urethane cement exceeds USDA, FDA requirements for food service industries. With the combination of cove base it is the most secure and clean flooring option in the back of house areas.

Example Applications

  • Restaurants - Epoxy Flake, Polished Concrete, Sealed Concrete, Metallic Epoxy
  • Back of House/Kitchen/Storage - Epoxy Broadcast/Cove Base, Urethane Cement

General Contractors & Facility Managers

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