Veterinary & Animal Care

CustomCrete has the safe and easy-to-clean flooring solution to fit the needs of veterinary hospitals & offices, and  pet kennels. Epoxy Flake can be used as a wall to wall, easy to clean, resilient floor coating that is also safe and smooth enough for animal paws. A common question from these businesses is if it will be too harsh on the animal's paw pads. With the addition of the flake system, it leaves a smooth finish with a slight, non aggressive texture while offering tremendous ease of cleaning. Vet owners have peace-of-mind knowing the floor won't stain and accidents won't seep down into the floor or underneath it as it would with bare concrete or floating flooring.

Example Applications

  • Lobby/waiting areas - Epoxy Flake/Polished Concrete
  • Examination room - Epoxy Flake (great for cleaning up accidents)
  • Animal Day Cares/Kennels - Epoxy Flake/Urethane Cement (super resilient)

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