Transforming A Fast Casual Mexican Restaurant Floor

May 14, 2024

A Case Study of Urethane Cement Installation in Northwest Illinois.

This case study focuses on the successful installation of an urethane cement floor for a popular restaurant in Northwest Illinois. The project involved replacing the existing failing floor with a new one within a tight time frame, requiring efficient planning and execution to minimize disrupting the restaurant’s operations.

This restaurant faced challenges with its existing failing floor, which was posing safety risks and hindering daily operations. To address this issue, CustomCrete decided to install a new durable and resilient urethane cement floor, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and food preparation activities

1. Remove the existing failing floor and install a new urethane cement floor.
Complete the installation within a limited timeframe to minimize disruption to the restaurant’s operations.
3. Ensure the floor is dry and ready for staff the following morning.

1. Planning: The urethane cement floor installation required careful planning to accommodate the restaurant’s operations. Working hours were scheduled for 10:30 pm to 7am, outside normal business hours, to avoid disrupting daytime operations.
2. Floor Removal and Installation: CustomCrete removed the existing failing floor and installed a new urethane cement floor. Installation took over three nights. During which, the installation team encountered unexpected challenges that reduced work hours to complete their scope. Despite these challenges, they adapted quickly and appropriately to ensure the project stays on track.
3. Staff Coordination: The installation team communicated with kitchen staff to avoid walking on the newly installed floor so as to avoid premature damage and ensure a smooth finish. They also placed masonite covers over the floor as further protection.

1. Successful Installation: CustomCrete successfully installed the urethane cement floor, meeting quality standards and durability requirements.
2. Timely Completion: While the project was initially planned for three nights, it extended to five in order to avoid conflicting with the restaurant’s normal business hours.
3. Improved Safety and Aesthetics: The new urethane floor addressed safety concerns with the original failing floor. It further enhanced the restaurant’s appearance, providing a clean and modern look that aligns with their brand image.

This urethane cement floor installation demonstrated CustomCrete’s ability to deliver high-quality, timely flooring solutions under challenging conditions. Through careful planning, effective communication, and adaptable problem-solving, the installation team successfully overcame time-constrictions and scheduling conflicts to complete the project. Following completion, the new floor improved its safety and aesthetics for this Northwest Illinois restaurant.


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